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How to Get Your Child into Rehab

If a program or counselor can’t establish rapport with an adolescent, it simply will not be successful. Along with obvious signs, drugs can cause obvious changes in behavior. While teenage years bring about personality shifts, if you notice any combination of symptoms and suspect drug abuse might be a problem, make sure to address the problem. Preventing teenage drinking and drug abuse can preclude disastrous consequences that may occur if addiction is left unchecked. Youth with substance use disorders also experience higher rates of physical and mental illnesses, diminished overall health and well-being, and potential progression to addiction. Several hotlines can offer immediate and professional assistance for parents.

  • Remember, though, it is not inevitable that your teen will use them.
  • The goal of prevention is to attempt to stop someone from partaking in a harmful action that has substantial consequences before those consequences occur.
  • Join the thousands of people that have called a treatment provider for rehab information.

They may try a substance as a way to rebel or challenge family rules. And if they are lonely or dealing with stress, teens may use substances to distract from these feelings. So if their friends use substances, your teen might feel like they need to as well. Teens also may also use substances to feel more confident with peers.

Disease Transmission Risk

In addition, teens often don’t know or understand the dangers of substance abuse. They may see occasional use as being safe and don’t believe they could become addicted to drugs or face consequences. The most important thing to remember is that teens need support before, during, and after substance or alcohol abuse treatment.

solutions to teen drug abuse

Seeking help is the best way to increase the likelihood of recovery. When you suddenly stop using a substance, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal typically happens to people who have become addicted or dependent on substances and suddenly stop using them.


Cannabis usage has been connected to learning, working memory, and attention problems. Cannabis has been shown to alleviate stress in small doses, but more significant amounts can cause anxiety, emotional symptoms, and dependence [28]. Myelination and synaptic pruning are two maturational brain processes that take place during adolescence and the early stages of adulthood. According to reports, these remodeling mechanisms are linked to efficient neural processing. They are assumed to provide the specialized cognitive processing needed for the highest neurocognitive performance.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse provides information about individual drugs and their effects on teens along with a list of treatment options for substance use problems. Find resources and support for teenagers to assist in their recovery. Treatment does not guarantee your child will stop abusing drugs, but research shows that teens addicted to drugs who receive treatment are far more likely to beat their addiction than those who do not. Give your teen the best chance they have to overcome drug abuse problems. While support groups for addiction treatment are essential for ongoing success for your teen, there are plenty of resources for parents, too.

What Are the Signs a Teen Is Using Drugs?

Your focus should be on the consequences of their actions, which teens are usually not thinking about; they may not know the true dangers of their actions. In this article, we will talk about the changes your child may be going through due to their addiction, and what the most effective strategies are to talk to and persuade your child to go to rehab. When parents are angry or when teens are frustrated, it’s best to delay the talk. If you aren’t prepared to answer questions, parents might let teens know that you’ll talk about the topic at a later time.

Calls to the number on this page will be answered or returned the treatment provider listed below, which is a paid advertiser. Parents help teen drug abuse children to understand when to deny something that can hurt them. Prevention talks also create deeper bonds between children and parents.

Know Risk Factors

According to prevalence studies, 13.1% of drug users in India are under the age of 20 [14]. Seventy-five percent of Indian households contain at least one addict. The majority of them are fathers who act in this way due to boredom, stress from their jobs, emotional discomfort, problems with their families, or problems with their spouses. Due to exposure to such risky behaviors, children may try such intoxicants [45]. These behaviors need to be discouraged because they may affect the child’s academic performance, physical growth, etc.

It is never an over-reaction to convey concern to a child using drugs or alcohol. Look for a program or a counselor who specializes in working with adolescents. Don’t believe that an adult approach will be appropriate, it rarely is.

On the other hand, it has been linked to social disorder, abnormal behavior, and association with hostile groups [10]. Adolescent substance users suffer risks and consequences on the psychological, sociocultural, or behavioral levels that may manifest physiologically [11]. About 3 million deaths worldwide were caused by alcohol consumption alone. The majority of the 273,000 preventable fatalities linked to alcohol consumption are in India [12], which is the leading contributor.

Teen substance abuse is a widespread phenomenon sweeping across the country. Marijuana use and alcohol use are causing the growing pandemic of teen substance abuse. Learn about the different substances, signs and symptoms of addiction,… Many teens experimenting with illicit drugs and alcohol will turn out fine and live healthy lives.

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