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How to Work From Home: 24 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully

You’ll find this helps you focus and keeps you refreshed so you can be the most effective and efficient worker possible. If you’re a morning person and feel most energetic before lunch, you can wake up two or three hours earlier than you would normally and get most work done before your colleagues crawl out of bed. Likewise, there’s no reason why you couldn’t sleep until 10 AM, for example, if you still manage to get everything done by the end of the day because you’re naturally more productive in the evening. Sleep expert, Dr. Michael Breus, said the number one indicator of good sleep is consistency of the time that you go to bed (not 8 hours of sleep). I do believe it’s wise to invest in a good mattress and a great pillow.

For instance, you can use to-do list software and time blocking to schedule tasks in order of importance. Clarifying expectations starts by having frequent and transparent conversations with your boss and coworkers, making sure you know what they expect you to accomplish and when. Continue to manage how to work from home successfully expectations as you proceed with projects and tasks, providing updates and asking for clarification as needed. When you’ve met your deadline, ask for feedback to make sure you did what you needed to do. This will help you build trust and ensure that you and your teammates are on the same page.

Tips to Help You Work From Home Successfully

Don’t use that space for personal activities if at all possible. That is now officially, your “office” and needs to kept that way as much as possible. Think of the current situation as a “test run” of the work-at-home life. Either way, these tips should help make the transition to “unexpected remote worker” a little easier for you. For example, if you always take a 10 AM coffee break, keep that up. If nothing else, you won’t feel sluggish and cranky because you didn’t get your caffeine fix.

how to work from home successfully

So unless you don’t mind purchasing new Airpods every 3-6 months I’d shelve that idea and use them sparingly. While I do have Airpods, I don’t want to rely on them all day, everyday. If not ergonomically designed, your body will compensate which can lead to long-term strain. My initial benchmark was a chair that looked similar to one in the office because I assumed those were good enough. The market is also flooded with chairs that look deceivingly ergonomic, but in reality are not up to standards.

Business Insights

I love baking bread, but you need to be there to tend to it once an hour or so to punch down the dough, shape the loaf, and let it bake. It doesn’t take a lot of hands-on time, but you need to be around. When I worked in an office full-time, I struggled to find half a day when I was home to bake. In non-pandemic times, people https://remotemode.net/ who work 100% remotely might seek out learning opportunities that are taught at the organization’s headquarters or nearby. That way, you get training and face time with colleagues in one go. If your employer is lax about getting you in a room with other employees, ask to have an annual or semi-annual trip in your contract.

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